This car started as a 1.8L 914-4.

Modifications so far include:

911 front struts and brakes

911 master cylinder

Re-drilled rear hubs and rotors

Bored and stroked 78x96 4 cylinder with webers

Stretched fenders by Ghia Specialties. There was an instructional video made during the stretching process.

White powder coated 15x8 fuch wheels with 032R yoks all the way around. Not pictured below.

I have done several auto cross events with this car.

It is soon going to get a major rework including:

I have a 3.0L 911 6 cylinder that I need to rebuild and put in the car. Haven't decided if it will be rebuilt stock or if I go big.

I have a fresh rebuilt 915 transaxle done by Gerber Motorsport to mate to the 6 cylinder.

Need to purchase fiberglass or carbon fiber hood, deck lid, and bumpers.