This 67 bug has been in the family for a long time. I learned to drive in it when it was my dad's in the early 90's. He sold it many years ago and it made its was between a couple of friends until we decided to buy it back around the year 2000. At that time the idea was to do a quick restoration on it since it was a bug and bugs are easy... When we got into it the solid nearly rust free car had some rust in the heater channels that had to be replaced. We got discouraged and slowed down on the project. It got moved around to a few different locations until it made its way up to Shelby's place where the body was completely media blasted and the heater channels repaired topped off with a coat of epoxy primer. We decided that it should be Max's car so it has been in storate and is resting on a shelf until Max gets a little older when we will start working on it. It is now resting comfortably 12ft up on a shelf at our shop.